Government of Verdis

Foreign Affairs Ministry

The Free Republic of Verdis is always open to relations with any country that it comes across, as long as it meets certain requirements. Verdis is continuously aiming for international recognition from as many UN member states as possible. Our nation believes there's many benefits for states that we open relations with.

The Verdisian Government has two types of recognition/foreign relations.
1. Informal Relations
2. Formal Relations

Informal relations is what most countries will begin with if they decide to open relations with the Free Republic of Verdis. Over time if the countries grow closer together, the Verdisian Government might  be happy to begin ​formal relations depending on the professionalism and the stability of their government.

When a nation begins with the informal or formal recognition, both governments must state that they mutually recognize eachother's nation.

Have a solid government
A reasonable territory claim (no global or interplanetary claims are accepted)
Must be serious entity.
Must recognize the Free Republic of Verdis as a legitimate and incredibly serious country.
Please contact the email below to begin your application towards recognition.







Individual message to the Croatian and Serbian Government: Allow us to inhabit our claim. We are the original claimant but we also want to work with Serbia and Croatia to build our country. There are many mutual benefits for Verdis, Croatia and Serbia. Please allow us to open relations with your countries and help us establish our first settlement. There are benefits for all neighboring nations.