The Verdisian Government plans to guarantee you safety and security while you drive on our roads. Due to this, there will be strict laws, warnings and points for the amount of times you break the law when driving. Drivers are to have 120 hours worth of driving as a learner and will have rights to drive alone once that number has surpassed and once a government authorized company has tested you individually. 


Verdis plans to establish roads immediately as settlement on the Antarctic claims have begun. People are planned to drive on the right and the road system will be quite similar to Canada's. There are currently no roads in Verdis whatsoever as settlement has not begun on the islands yet.



Public transport in Verdis will be equally the same between the Northern and Southern Islands of the Verdisian claims. All transport will be electric within the Free Republic of Verdis for the sake of keeping the country eco-friendly.


Ferry transport will be a big type of transportation in Verdis due to the amount of islands there are within the country. There will mainly be a large ferry transport between the Northern and Southern islands. Most closer islands are to be connected by bridge or small ferry transport which will not expect incredibly big vessels unlike the Northern and Southern Islands split.