childcare and parenting

The following will not take affect until at least once settlement has been established on the Verdisian claims.

Expect things to be added, changed, removed or moved until there is a stable guarantee of the following. This section is also still under construction.

Parental Leave

Parents are allowed 480 days of subsidized leave per child, with each parent having an exclusive right to 90 of those days. Depending on your job, or if you're a student, job seeker, have low income or no income or have an average income, you will receive a certain amount of money funded by the Verdisian Government or the workplace that you are in.

Paediatric Care

At the birth of your child, you will immediately be assigned to a paediatric care centre, with the first time you meet your care provider is when he or she visits your home, usually within a week of arriving home with your child. They do this to make sure the home is safe for the baby and establish a personal connection.


Children in Verdis are expected to begin school by the age of 6. They can be educated at a physical school, e-school or be home-schooled.

We plan for all children in Verdis to have a bright and intelligent future. There will be government standard tests every 3 months on each individual child that is either being e-schooled or home-schooled in person to keep the standards of children up and to see if there is necessary help needed depending on the child's grades.


All healthcare is provided free for children until they are 20 years old, with dental care free of charge until you turn 21. After you turn 20, you will have to pay for every appointment towards seeing a doctor, same for dental care after you turn 21.

Government-Provided Playcentres and Kindergartens.

Play centres in Verdis are free of charge(government provided only) being fully staffed and government-funded open play centres. You can drop your kid in at any time allowing your child to meet and play with other kids. If the play centre is too hard to walk to and you don't have a car, please note that every public transport is free if you are pushing a pram.

Kindergartens are also free of charge if provided by the Verdisian Government.

We want all children in Verdis to have a bright and enjoyable childhood. We plan to make childcare and parenting within Verdis easy with flexibility everywhere depending on your child's needs. We believe in a bright future for all Verdisians, and we believe that childhood is an important part in their lives. We also want to make things easier for you by introducing our generous parental leave and more.