a modern, stable, and futuristic government structure.

The Government structure of the Free Republic of Verdis is quite simple. It is a Semi-direct democracy under a constitutional republic. The Verdisian Government headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia as settlement has not began at this moment of time for the country although it is already claimed by the Free Republic of Verdis.
The structure works in a custom sort of way. The term of the leader of the Free Republic of Verdis is a life term. The person has the choice to resign at anytime although if they don't resign, they will remain leader until death. If the majority of the nation does not want the ruling party to continue, they will be forced to resign. There is no time frame of a leading term in the nation. 
The current President of the Free Republic of Verdis at this moment of time is Daniel Jackson, who began his term on the 29th March 2019, once he founded the nation.