goals & aspirations

Our aspirations are to:

  • Allow citizens to achieve their life goals with the help of the Verdisian Government.
  • Become one of the worlds most environmentally conscious nations.
  • Unite ethnic groups in the region. People in Verdis should always be treated equally, regardless of their nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, etc. We are all human.
  • Focus on the future of the world bringing in modern solutions to problems, modernize governance, banking, education and more.
  • Create a society of safety, freedom and full protection over free speech and other rights.
  • Build a pragmatic government designed and led by citizens, for citizens.
  • Get Verdis more known and recognized by more people.
  • Gain international recognition from recognized countries within the United Nations and European Union.






One of our largest goals is to accomplish international recognition from already recognized/semi-recognized countries like Somaliland, Palestine, Australia, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Croatia, and France. We believe that recognition from at least one recognized state could lead us a long way in achieving our goals.


We also plan to try and find a large amount of money from donations from individuals, businesses and more. We hope that people donate for the sake of humanity's future. We plan to establish a society of freedom of movement, speech, rights and more. We believe that with the correct amount of funding, we could properly establish a permanent and eco-friendly city within our land claim.


All resources to build the city will be imported and no fuel controlled vehicles/objects will be accepted in to the territory as we plan to keep the city as eco-friendly as possible. All transport, housing, power units, factories and more are planned to all be eco-friendly.


We hope to represent ourselves as a role-model for future and present nations to follow as we plan to modernize humanity by bringing new services and eco-friendly resources in to the world. We want to show how a legitimate and real nation, like us can function under being completely eco-friendly, hoping that other nations follow in our footsteps for the sake of making the world a better, more secure and environmentally clean place.


We plan for each Citizen to reach their life goals once the Free Republic of Verdis. We plan to aid our citizen's to establish their life goals in any way that we can to develop a better society and bring more to humanity.


We want to establish a completely pragmatic Government designed and led by citizen's of Verdis, for the citizen's of Verdis.


We already see ourselves as a legitimate and real country, although we hope that the rest of the globe can see us as one as well.




interested in helping verdis?

We need your help! To get Verdis off the ground, we need as many people and as much funding as possible to properly establish our plans. We exist for the sake of humanity and where we hope to be in the future. We ask for as many donations and people joining Verdis as possible to help us get this project properly off the ground.


We promise to create a fully eco-friendly society for all.

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