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Verdis, officially the Free Republic of Verdis is a self-proclaimed state claiming an uninhabited parcel of disputed land(pocket 3 on Croatia-Serbia border dispute) on the western bank of the Danube, close to Liberland, between Croatia and Serbia. It plans to be the most environmentally friendly and humanitarian state in the world. The Free Republic of Verdis is a serious state and is constantly aiming for recognition and a settlement on it's land claim. With Verdis being the first entity to lay claim to it's land-claim, it makes the land-claim rightfully belong to Verdis even after the Croatian-Serbian border dispute ends.




The Government structure of the Free Republic of Verdis is quite simple. The nation is known as a semi-direct democracy under a republic. More can be read at government

The structure works in a custom sort of way. There is a new leader every single time on either dies or decides to resign on the job. The President can also be voted out at any time by the nation if a majority vote is passed. The leader is more proposed as a figure-head. There is no time frame of a leading term in the nation. No laws in the Free Republic of Verdis can pass unless majority citizens and residents vote to pass.


National Assembly
The National Assembly is the legislative assembly and supreme state body of the Free Republic of Verdis. It meets every 2 weeks and is a legislature based on the principles of a general Libertarian state that seeks to promote individual rights, including property rights, freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. It will be majorly vested in the Citizens of the Free Republic of Verdis.




As the country is quite new, there are currently no inhabitants due to the Croatian-Serbian border dispute as Verdis hasn't yet reached the required amount of funding and resources to inhabit the claim. There are around 940 Citizen's at this moment of time although no one currently inhabits Verdis. The Verdisian Government plans to build infrastructure on the claim once enough funding has been found. Over 100,000 applications for citizenship have been submitted over time.




The Free Republic of Verdis is located on a border dispute between Serbia and Croatia. Both of which do not claim where the Free Republic of Verdis claims. The size of the territory overall is around 0.498km2, with the land being 0.250km2 and the Danube waters being 0.248km2. The land is half the size of the Vatican, although enough planning and research has been done to review how self-sufficient, populated and autonomous the country can be in the such size and it is a very good result. The Free Republic of Verdis plans to be an entire city-state dedicated to being an entirely eco-friendly region.


The border meets Croatia via land and it meets Serbia halfway through the Danube river as shown on the gray area on the river on the image below. Verdis' border on the river ends halfway through the Danube between Croatia and Verdis.


Verdis is on pocket 3 of the Serbian-Croatian Border Dispute. Serbia nor Croatia claim the land claim that is claimed by Verdis.






The Free Republic of Verdis plans to inhabit the land claim as soon as possible to keep the land claim strongly under Verdisian control, but there are multiple plans that they are working on that will be essential for something like this to happen. Although the Verdisian Government has countless plans to establish a permanent eco-friendly settlement on the land claim, only few are shown on this page.


Food and Medicine
Although for some people it may sound simple for a settlement to be established in one of the smallest land claims in Europe, it's not. Due to the size of the land claim, farming will be very cramped making us need to use vertical farming. Electricity will need to be created in a friendly and non-environmentally harmful way. Verdis plans to establish something named Vertical Farms which is the producing of food and medicine in vertically stacked layers in insulated and temperature-controlled structures. Although this plan is in place, most resources will be imported from neighbouring countries or regions due to the small size of the state.
A simple visual example of how the Free Republic of Verdis plans to produce their food.
The Free Republic of Verdis also plans to establish an eco-friendly way of electricity which are planned to be a large wind farm in an area that will not harm any animals or the river beside the claim whatsoever. This will allow Verdis to produce electricity entirely eco-friendly. Verdis plans to prevent pollution on their territory in Europe and keep the environment as clean as possible while also allowing people to inhabit the land claim and live a healthy and normal life just like all other countries, although this time eco-friendly and in one of the smallest states in the world. If something like this can't happen due to the size of the land claim, Verdis plans to primarily rely on neighbouring countries for essentials like power, water and more, similar to the Principality of Monaco until established.


Another proposed plan for Verdisian Electricity are Hydroelectric Whirlpools. A single one can power over 60 homes. They are small, cheap and easy to manage. This is the most likely plan for Verdisian Electricity.
Image result for hydroelectric whirlpool
Image result for hydroelectric whirlpool
A simple visual example of how the Free Republic of Verdis plans to produce electricity while remaining friendly to the environment.


The Free Republic of Verdis plans to provide the first few buildings of infrastructure once enough funding has been made. All buildings within the Free Republic of Verdis will be built in a modern city-state design with as many buildings within the territory as possible. All buildings are to be as eco-friendly as possible and crops are planned to be grown on the side of certain buildings to allow a decent quality of air and modern eco-friendly design.


Buildings in the Free Republic of Verdis are to be high-rise and quite dense to allow as much residents as possible, similar to Monaco's structure but once again a little more dense along with the buildings being taller allowing more apartments. Each district in Verdis will be permitted a certain amount of land allowing Government facilities, residency, shops, tourism, and more. This will allow a large population in such a small area while also allowing a normal and decent life in an eco-friendly area. If organized properly, the Free Republic of Verdis can fit everything necessary within the land claim even with it being so small. Verdis has just enough space to provide decent residency, facilities and more.

Verdis (pocket 3) along danube river

The territory goes under the claim of the currently active and original entity that claims it. By law, no other nation may lay claim to the pocket as it has already been claimed by Verdis, which makes it the original entity. Many attempts have been made to enter Verdis although some have been forced out by Croatian police although Verdis is the rightful entity as Verdis' claim is de jure.